1. Prayer Ribbon (Psalm 90, Prayer to the Holy Cross)[1207]

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    Reverently with prayer, tying on this belt, we thereby would seem to be sheltered under a mighty shield that protects us from the attack of enemy forces. After all, Psalm 90 itself (the prayer “He that dwelleth in the help...”) is read during a time of disasters and enemy attacks. At all times Christians have resorted to this prayer of David during periods of hardship and of misfortune. Mothers and wives, seeing their loved ones off to war, tied a belt on them with this prayer on it, or put a sheet of paper into a hidden pocket with a copy of the psalm written out by hand, believing that the prayer would protect not only “from the arrow that flies by day”, but also from bullets and exploding shells. And how many soldiers thanks to this returned home from the most fierce battles without a scratch! They were saved by the prayer... During times of peace we are all also on the field of an invisible battle against the enemies of the human race. And so a belt with this prayer on it will not be out of place. This is so especially when we are speaking about children. Usually Orthodox children are happy to wear this belt with the prayer on it. The belt with the 90th Psalm is worn beneath a dress or shirt. They relate to this belt carefully as to any other holy thing. And of course we must remember that it is not only the blessed object (in this case- the belt) which protects someone, but also their own active prayer. Before putting on the belt, try to read the 90th Psalm. Many of the faithful learn the prayer, “He that dwelleth in the help”, by heart and repeat it throughout the day, calling on the help of the Most merciful God. In the prayer to the Most Precious and Life giving Cross of the Lord we express our faith in how the sign of the cross is the most powerful means for the warding off of demons, and we ask of the Lord for spiritual help through the power of the holy Cross. The Cross is called Life giving because Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross and thereby delivered people from eternal death in hell, and gave them instead eternal life in the Heavenly Kingdom.

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