1. Alexander Svirsky[1097]

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    Товар был добавлен в наш каталог Вторник 20 Сентябрь, 2011.

    Country: Russia
    Produced by: Sofrino
    Base: Fiberboard
    Weight: 56 g
    Format: 11 cm x 13.4 cm

    Description: Amos (his baptismal name) was born to an ordinary peasant family in the Novgorod Republic, east of Ladoga. At the age of 19, he left home for Valaam monastery and spent further time of his life as monk, including some period of total isolation from society. In 1506, Serapion Archbishop of Novgorod appointed him Hegumen of the Trinity monastery, which later became known as Alexander-Svirsky Monastery, at the place of the saint's eremitic life between Roschinsky and Holy lakes, 20 km to the east from Lake Ladoga and 6 km from the Svir River.

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