1. Justinian The Great: The Emperor and Saint[1450]

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    Author: Asterios Gerostergios
    Publisher: Institute of Byzantine and Modern Greek Study
    Year: 1982
    Cover: Softcover
    Type of Paper:
    Weight: 840 g
    Number of Pages: 312
    ISBN: 0-914744-59-3

    Description: Since it was under St. Justinian that Byzantine civilization reached its climax, and since the Orthodox Church honors this emperor (and his wife, the wonderful Theodora) as saints, it is fitting to have a book (more a “study” than a biography) which examines the spirituality of a great man and his great Christian civilization. Fr. George Florovsky in his essay, “Christianity and Civilization,” says that Justinian’s reign “was the time when a Christian culture was conscientiously and deliberately being built and completed as a system….The magnificent Temple of Holy Wisdom, the great church of Sophia in Constantinople, will ever stand as a living symbol of this achievement.” Fr. Gerostergios’ book will help the reader to see for himself the glories of Byzantine culture, a culture which was nothing less than the culture of Orthodox Christianity herself.