1. Sobor. Collection of liturgical hymns of the Orthopdox Churches of different nations.[1117]

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    Performer: Monk Herman (Ryabtsev)
    Format: Audio CD
    Country: Russia
    Produced by: Igor Matvienko Production Centre
    Year: 2004
    Duration: 01:19:00
    Booklet’s languages : Russian, English
    Вес: 90 g.
    Number of CDs: 1

    Description: Tracklist: 1. Polyelaion 2. "Come, let us worship » 3. Magnification for the Nativity of Christ 4. 'The Glory of all the world ... 5. "O Heavenly King ..." 6. Serbian Hymn of the Mother of God 7. Troparion to St. Nina 8. Sunday Troparion and hymn to the Mother of God 9. "Victorious leader of triumphant hosts ..." 10. The Cherubic Hymn 11. Serbian communion hymn 12. Troparion to St. George the Victorious 13. Hymns to the holy trinity by St. Gregory of Sinai 14. Stanza for the veneration of the Shroud 15. Troparion of Easter (in different languages)

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