1. Genesis, Creation And Early Man. The Orthodox Christian Vision[1164]

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    Author: Fr. Seraphim Rose
    Publisher: Saint Herman Press
    Cover: Paperback, with Smyth-sewn binding, illustrated
    Type of Paper:
    Weight: 1365 g
    Number of Pages: 1144
    Format: 6 x 9 x 2 inches
    ISBN: 978-1-887904-25-4

    Description: Amidst the creation/evolution debate that is now raging, with evidence being offered for both sides, few have made use of what Fr. Seraphim Rose called “the missing evidence”: the timeless teaching of the Orthodox Holy Fathers on the events of creation, the first-created world, the natures of created things, the original nature of man, and the cosmic consequences of man’s fall. A much-needed answer to today’s “crisis of meaning,” this book sheds unique light on the origin and primordial condition of man and the cosmos, showing how these mysteries are inextricably tied to those of our redemption by Jesus Christ and of creation’s redeemed state beyond the general resurrection. The Divine vi­sion of the Fathers opens up deeper levels of awareness concerning God’s creation and His ultimate intention for it—levels that can­not be reached through merely rational or scientific means.

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