1. Great Martyr Tsar Lazar of Serbia. His Life and Service[1403]

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    Author: Fr. Daniel M. Rogich
    Publisher: St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood
    Year: 2001
    Cover: Softcover
    Type of Paper: Offset
    Weight: 250 g
    Number of Pages: 56
    Format: 27.3 cm × 20.4 cm × 0.4 cm
    ISBN: 978-0938635802

    Description: The Holy Great-Martyr Lazar was a sterling example of an Orthodox Christian monarch, both through his own pious life and trust in the Lord, and through his many acts of charity. During his reign he built and restored a great many churches and monasteries in his own country and abroad, including on Mount Athos. His holy and incorrupt relics lie to this day in Ravanica, a monastery that he himself founded. This large-format book, printed in two colors and suitable for use in church, contains the Life of this Great-Martyr and a complete Vigil Service to the Saint, translated from Church Slavonic.