1. Flavian[2669]

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    Author: Alexander Torik, Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church
    Publisher: Flavian-Press
    Year: 2013
    Cover: Hardcover
    Type of Paper: Offset
    Number of Pages: 206
    Format: 130 x 205 x 15 mm
    ISBN: 978-5-905462-08-5

    Description: Translated from Russian by Nathan K. Williams. This book by popular Russian Orthodox writer Archpriest Alexander Torik was written by the author in 2004, and is the first book in the Flavian trilogy. Flavian, Father Alexander’s first novel, describes an unexpected turning point in the life of Aleksei, a quite ordinary city dweller. A chance meeting with a former classmate turned much in the life of this physics-major-turned-successful-manager upside down, setting Aleksei on a new path with many amazing discoveries along the way. Our hero discovers a parallel world existing alongside our ordinary everyday little world – a huge, fascinating spiritual world, where the soul of every person finds meaning, joy, and Love.

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