1. J. S. Bach - Famous Works. Alexander Sevastian. Accordion[1884]

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    Performer: Alexander Sevastian
    Format: Audio CD
    Country: Canada
    Produced by: Analekta
    Year: 2017
    Duration: 51:54
    Booklet’s languages : English, French
    Вес: 90 g
    Number of CDs: 1

    Description: Unique records of the recently passed young musician Alexander Sevastian, who was one of the best world-class accordionists. Famous works of J. S. Bach. The last solo CD recorded by Alexander. The entire income from the sale of the CD goes to support the widow and his two small children.

    Track list:

    1. Prelude 3:25

    2. Fugue 5:42

    3. Chaccone 13:13

    4. Choral Prelude in F Minor 2:42

    5. "Air on the G Sring" 4:07

    6. Badinerie 1:23

    7. Toccata in D minor 3:01

    8. Fugue in D minor 5:47

    9. Passacaglija and Fugue in C minor 12:52