1. Disputations with Pyrrhus. Saint Maximus the Confessor[1972]

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    Author: Saint Maximus the Confessor, translated from the Greek by Joseph P. Farrell
    Publisher: St. Tikhon's Monastery Press
    Year: 2014
    Cover: Paperback
    Type of Paper: Offset
    Weight: 140 g
    Number of Pages: 128
    Format: 125 x 183 x 7 mm
    ISBN: 978-0-9905029-4-4

    Description: In Disputations with Pyrrhus, Saint Maximus the Confessor (A.D. 580-662) articulates the faith of the apostles, detailing the perfect natures and wills of the Incarnate Logos, Jesus Christ.

    Shedding light on the fullness of Christian life, Saint Maximus reveals God as One Who repeats all of the natural stages of humanity itself, but not only humanity as a whole but the stages of life of each individual human being in particular, illumining the mystery of our salvation as perfect union within Christ through His Church.

    An important document combating heresies against full union of man in God, the Disputations with Pyrrhus offers invaluable insight into the salvation of both man and cosmos through the Incarnate Word of God revealed to us in the Mystery of the Church.




    1. Creation: Man as Microcosm and Mediator

    2. The Fall of Man into the Dialectic of Oppositions

    3. The Three Dialectical Principles of Monotheletism

    4. The Apokatastasis as Recapitulation

    The Translated Text: Disputations with Pyrrhus of Our Father Among the Saints Maximus the Confessor