1. The Explanation by Blessed Theophylact of the Holy Gospel According to Saint Mark[626]

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    Author: Blessed Theophylact, Archbishop of Ochrid and Bulgaria
    Publisher: Chrysostom Press
    Year: 2006
    Cover: Hardcover
    Type of Paper:
    Weight: 382 g.
    Number of Pages: 147
    ISBN: 0‒9635183‒2‒1

    Description: Translated from the original Greek by Fr. Christopher Stade. Volume II of Blessed Theophylact’s Explanation of the New Testament. “The Gospel According to St. Mark was written ten years after the Ascension of Christ. This Mark was a disciple of Peter, whom Peter calls his son, that is, his spiritual son. He was also called John, and the nephew of Barnabas, and the companion of Paul. But eventually he accompanied Peter the most, and was with him in Rome. The believers in Rome begged Mark not only to preach orally, but also to give them a written account of Christ’s life. He agreed, and composed it immediately.”—“Preface by Blessed Theophylact”.

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