1. Concert for the Guests and Participants of the Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church. 1971 year.[989]

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    Name: The combined choir conducted by Nikolai Vassilievich Matveyev
    Format: MP3
    Country: Russia
    Produced by:
    Year: 2005
    Duration: 00:47:52
    Booklet’s languages : Russian, English
    Вес: 90 g.
    Number of CDs: 1

    Description: 1. From the rising of the sun to its setting. Ton Despotin 2. God is with us 3. I will praise the name of my God 4. O Gladsome Light 5. Who is so great a God as our God 6. It is meet 7. Praise ye the mane of the Lord 8. My soul doth magnify the Lord 9. We take refuge in the Mother of God 10. Magnification to the Mother of God 11. The Lord lives 12. This is the day which the Lord hath made.