1. The blessed Sabbath[995]

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    Performer: Precentor of the Monastic Choir of the Valaam Monastery Hierodeacon German (Ryabtsev)
    Format: Audio CD
    Country: Russia
    Produced by: The Igor Matvienko Production Centre
    Year: 1999
    Booklet’s languages : Russian, English. Colour booklet 4 pages.
    Вес: 90 g.
    Number of CDs: 1

    Description: On the eve of Great Saturday, which is also called the blessed Sabbath, the office of the burial of the Saviour is celebrated, which begins with the troparions «The Noble Joseph», «When Thou didst descend…» and «The Myrrh-Bearing Women». After that «The Evlogitaria» are sung before the Shroud, which has been brought into the middle of the church from the sanctuary. Special verses are read which express the grief and awe of the Christian soul before the God-Man. The Divine Liturgy is celebrated after Vespers on Saturday morning. Its hymns call people to think about the time from the death of Christ on the Cross and His burial to His Resurrection from the dead. «Let all mortal flesh keep silence», sung in place of the Cherubic hymn, reminds us of the redemptive act of the Saviour. Equally moving and beautiful are «Weep not for Me, O Mother» and «The Thrice-Holy» accompanied by bell-ringing. The monastic choir sings these hymns in Byzantine, Znamenny, Valaam, Bulgarian and Greek chants with deep feeling, restraint and grief, as befits Lent. 1. Noble Joseph (bulgarian chant) / 1.68Mb Evlogitaria with Praises (greek chant) 2. First stasis 3. Second stasis 4. Third stasis 5. The host of angels (byzantine chant) 6. With the wave of the sea (tone six, znamenny chant) 7. Kumati qalashz (byzantine chant) / 0.78Mb 8. Weep not for Me, O Mother (tone six, znamenny chant) 9. Come, let us bless Joseph (bulgarian chant) 10. Doxastikon for the Praises (tone eight, znamenny chant) / 1.83Mb 11. Stanza for: Lord, I have cried… (tone six, znamenny chant) 12. Arise, O God (znamenny chant) 13. Let all mortal flesh keep silence (byzantine chant) 14. Communion Hymn (znamenny chant) 15. The Thrice-Holy (valaam chant)

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