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John the Baptiste, the Forerunner of Christ
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Joachim and Anna, the parents of the Thoetokos
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Our Lady "Pantanassa". Medium size
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Our Lady "Pantanassa". Small size
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Our Lady Firefighting
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Maxim, the Confessor
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Saint Blessed Nicholas of Pskov
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Our Lady "Sporite of Loaves"
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Tikhon, Bishop of Zadonsk
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Афонская тетрадь. Истории о преподобном Паисии Святогорце
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Cyril and Maria, the parents of St. Sergius of Radonezh
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Forty Martyrs of Sebaste
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Chants of the Russian Emigres, Volume 2 (Sung in Church Slavonic)
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«Любим мы тебя, Россия, подрастаем для тебя»
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"Оh Delightful Miracle!". The Tree of Life is Rising over Russia
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Chants of the Russian Emigres, Volume 7 (Sung in Church Slavonic)
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Christmas Oratorio
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"Русские народные сказки". "Руcские сказки в обработке Алексея Толстого". "Сказки Алексея Толстого"+"Китайские сказки".
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Chants (Georgian, Greek, Slavic hymns)
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Concert for the Guests and Participants of the Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church. 1971 year.
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"Пасхальные колокола" и другие рассказы
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"Страна чудес" и другие рассказы
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"Сашина философия" и другие рассказы
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